Episode 204

The Best Way to Repurpose Content: Long-Form to Short-Form or Vice Versa?

Published on: 23rd September, 2021

Is the best way to repurpose content transforming long-form pieces into shorter content? Or is there another way?

The fantastic thing about content repurposing is that there’s no ONE way to repurpose your content. If there’s potential for your content to become something else, then go ahead and create it!

In this episode, I share how to shift your content repurposing mindset to uncover a new realm of possibilities. And I walk you through two real-world examples to show how you can increase your ROI from your short-form content by transforming it into longer-form (and longer-lasting) content.

Find out about: 

  • How content repurposing doesn’t have to be one directional   
  • Two reasons why it’s important to mix up your content repurposing workflow
  • How to repurpose short-form content into long-form content: practical examples

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